Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday morning a bit later.

The previous post might look as if it has just been written but I forgot to click 'publish'.  I'm back now after having had a fiddle faddle in the kitchen.

You see, I have DD and DG coming for dinner as usual and, thanks to lack of foresight and laziness combined, I wasn't sure what delicacies I was going to provide.  There's very little in the fridge right now but I did manage to find some onion, a leek that is still usable, a rather wizened but generally OK parsnip, one little carrot, some chestnut mushrooms (they do keep a lot better than the ordinary ones and tend to dry rather than slime, thank goodness) and some were usable.  I have tins of pulses and some passata in a carton - and plenty of wine.  :0)

So I gently softened the 'fresh' vegetables in butter, added very small cans of baked beans, butter beans and chickpeas, some white wine, some passata and various seasonings and the whole lot is simmering gently on the hob right now.  I made a savoury crumble topping with flour, butter, oats, grated cheese and seasonings.  The former will be covered by the latter 40 minutes or so before we are doe to eat.

Now, with all that variety of veg, one doesn't need another veg as well, but I have a butternut squash looking pumpkin from DDs allotment that has been sitting in the kitchen for ages (literally months).  It looks like a squash but she informs me that it isn't.  It doesn't matter anyway because it has now been cut in half, smeared over with oil and is gently roasting in the oven.  I will either serve it in chunks, roasted or, more likely, cream it up with some spicy things, like a posh mash.  Fingers crossed it works.

I'm pondering on dessert as I type.  The pavlova has gone (how strange!!!) but I do have cooking apples and pears and oranges so I will do a little hunt around for a recipe.  Maybe a pie . . . or something . . .

I could have just done cheese on toast or something but it's nice to provide a main meal, then neither DD or I have to do one later on!

Note to self: go veg shopping after school tomorrow.

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