Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday morning

Just a quick post in between thinking and preparing for next week's busy-ness.  Colour is springing out all over in the garden.  The lupins have survived and coming back up and all the usual perennial stuff including an aqualegia that hasn't been up for a few years and which I'd planted something else over, ooops!!  Never mind, I don't care - I should have realised that they are hard to kill off, the way others around the front have survived!
So here's a few photos of bits and bobs!
Mini daffs (very sweet) . . .

Primulas or primroses or whatever they are called . . .

. . . and the bush that thinks it's a tree is really not being very sensible, sending out so many shoots.  I must remind it that it needs to control its growth this year or it is totally for the chop.  I wonder if I can take cuttings.  Does anyone know?

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