Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday morning

Yesterday turned out to be a very gentle day. I dozed my way through the early morning, pottered around dealing with bottles, glasses, washed plates, etc, in the morning.  Then, after lunch, I sat down, fell asleep and snored my way through much of the afternoon.  And then slept more or less all through the night too.

Do you remember that after Christmas, when I had decluttered a big kitchen cupboard, I decided another shelf would be just the ticket.  I think I mentioned it here.  I emailed my dad about it and he got some shelving from B&Q to cut to the right size.  Last weekend, DD and DG went over to see them and brought the shelf back with them.  Yesterday I put it in and it's perfect - just absolutely right.  It's always nice to create a bit more storage space, isn't it?

Well, the ironing is piling up so I need to get started with it, I think.  Wonder if there's anything undemanding on the telly at this hour.

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