Friday 2 March 2012

Friday evening - better late than never.

It's finally peaceful here.  Everyone has gone home and silence has fallen.  What a lovely evening it has been: one of our Infant department Chinese 'n' Chats with about seventeen people having a jolly good time.  I didn't over-estimate the Cbinese too badly, I'm left with rather a lot of drink (not all alcohol), crisps and choccies (the latter destined for the staff room table on Monday, two pot plants and a couple of Chinese meals.  Oh, and a dusted and swept living area . . . which will make tomorrow a little easier.  And a dishwasher that is taking the chore out of the clearing up.

Just look at the time!  Well past my bedtime and I'm still able to keep my eyes open.  Not for much longer though so goodnight and sleep tight!  I am sure no reader of my blog is troubled by little visitors, so I will not quote the last bit . . .

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