Saturday, 3 March 2012

Saturday morning

A little weary after the comparatively late night yesterday but very happy that downstairs is in good nick and the Saturday housework really only belongs to upstairs.  No need for much done downstairs apart from the usual washing and ironing, of course.

I'd got a bit out of the habit of consulting the daily checklist and things had gone a bit up the spout, so it took a little longer than expected to get the rooms ready but nothing like the past.  I don't want to get back into old ways so that checklist is being printed out again and I'm going to consult it morning and evening!  My bedroom is going to take a bit longer today but, given that downstairs is OK, that's not a problem.

And dinner is all sorted - Chinese leftovers and the most delicious mango and passion fruit pavlova you ever did taste.  Usually we don't have formal desserts at our get-togethers, just fruit and people brings choccies sometimes.  However, this week Foundation Stage has been doing work based around 'Handa's Surprise', a delightful book with wonderful illustrations and a funny storyline that the children really love.  They had some mango and passion fruit left over, so Tina took them, made a couple of meringue bases, bought some cream and assembled the pavlova here yesterday evening.  It was most welcome, thoroughly enjoyed and, joy of joys, there was a bit left over! 

There was also rather a lot of wine and soft drink left over too.  People are very generous and wouldn't take their untouched bottles home again.  I must hide them away and not remember where they are until the next time.

And if you believe that . . . as the saying goes . . .

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