Wednesday 7 March 2012


Apologies for yesterday's silence.  It was all rather busy and by the evening I was absolutely worn out.  It was bed by eight for me and a very good night's sleep too.

I was relieved yesterday.  I thought I had lost my (the school's) camera.  It seemed very odd as the little gizmo I use for getting the photos onto the computer was also missing and I KNOW I used them both together last week.  Today I looked on my table and there they were, sitting together without a care in the world.  As I said, I was mightily relieved!

We're making a film, you see.  Yes, we are.  An information film, all about objects from long ago.  It's our ICT work for this half term.  J and I were thinking of using the cameras for the filming but it is too battery-greedy so we are using the school camcorder instead.  It's a huge challenge for us as we've not use Moviemaker (or whatever we will be using) to edit films before.  It can't be terribly hard, not at the level we want to work at - but . . . eeeeeek.  So hence I know when I last used the camera.

And today?  PPA, family assembly (that'll be the last one I have to plan for the year as next term it is violin assembly), staff meeting and the forecast is rain all day.  Oh, joy of joys!!!

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