Wednesday 21 March 2012

Wednesday morning

After our film making session last week, we did the usual evaluation without which a project cannot be considered to be finished nowadays, even if the thought of doing it again seems as attractive as ironing your fingers while standing on your head whistling Land of Hope and Glory!!!

Of course, my littlies were incredibly optimistic and thought they had done brilliantly, film evidence to the contrary!!   Fortunately, as part of the exercise, we asked a year 5 class to watch our clips and offer a less biased evaluation and they were kind but realistic, bless them, chosing someone to feed back who was able to wrap truth up in kindness and optimism.  The children were thrilled!

And now, given the problems we have had getting different softwares to actually cooperate, that's it.  We were hoping to stich the clips together into a 'programme' with an opening, credits, etc, but we can't, not with the software (and time) at our disposal now.  A bit of a shame, but not a part of the actual unit of work.

And that, said John, is that!! (with thanks to A A Milne)

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