Tuesday 20 March 2012

Tuesday morning

I am deeply ashamed that my higher than usual number of visitors since yesterday morning were treated to a short but definite whinge.  So sorry, gentle readers, Please forget quickly, would you!

Yesterday was the usual pleasant Monday, marred rather when my lovely TA, who struggled into school after being poorly, was taken home again at playtime, still unwell.  I hope she isn't even thinking of trying to come in today and I gather she is seeing her GP on Wednesday.  The children rose magnificently to the occasion, focusing on their diaries while I sat with the group L usually sits with, managing without a 'trawling teacher' to advise, prompt, suggest, etc.

To go with our theme, the children had brought in old toys.  Mostly they were toys their parents had played with, which, to my geriatric perspective, aren't old at all, being more or less what my own children played with!  There was one very old solitaire game, made of wood with really old marbles inside, which the children have been forbidden to touch on pain of death - or having their name in the yellow file, which is much worse!  And there's a set of Hornby carriages in the original box, so I'm having mini nightmares about the box being damaged.  Today I am taking in Tubbalina.  Tubbalina has featured in this blog a few times.  She's my precious teddy, exactly one year younger than I and with a voice that still sings when I press her tummy.  She is battered, worn, well loved and infinitely more tuneful than I, and taking her into school is a real commitment to the class!  They'd better love her, that's all I can say!

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