Saturday 17 March 2012

Saturday morning

. . . and here I am, in pjs, on the PC at a time when I would normally be getting stuff together for the day's teaching - books for reading revelry, photocopying sheets, gathering resounces and generally making sure everything is as ready as it needs to be.  I like weekends.

Ten more school days until the end of term.  I know I say this boringly often, but time is passing so quickly, it's just frightening me.  This term has been fraught with illness but even so it's gone in a flicker of an eye.  It looks as if I will be finishing it in the same way as I started.  For the last two days my TA has been off with aches, pains, earache, a very sore throat, etc, and . . . guess what!  aaarrrggghhhh

It's St Patrick's day today.  I tend not to take much notice of saints' days, if at all, but three of 'our' saints are a useful prompt because my brothers and I were all born one day off a saint's day which is a jolly useful reminder.  Happy Birthday for tomorrow, J.

As for today, the house is a tip and from next weekend I have visitors, so the day's work is all cut out.  It will be very nice to get some order and method back into things that have been sadly neglected in the past few weeks.  I feel much more relaxed when things are in good order and, with a break coming up, relaxed is good.  So it's the Flylady fifteen minutes strategy for me today and, amazingly enough, I know where I have put my timer so no excuses!

Better get going . . .

I don't have a recent photo but fancied one, so here's one of a view in Somerset taken a few years ago.

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