Thursday 1 March 2012


Pinch and punch for the new month - that's tradition done and dusted!  March already - the Spring month, although, like Diane, I am not convinced that we have totally seen the last of the cold weather.  We will see.

Yesterday was another very pleasant day.  PPA to start with, then a session on carpet beaters (for whacking naughty boys, patting children on the head when they're not listening to the teacher, a tennis bat, squashing flies, a fan . . .).

The afternoon was great.  A very last minute thing as we simply couldn't find the resources.  We knew that there was an artist who did 'scribble' patterns but couldn't pin him down until we thought of entering the phrase 'taking a line for a walk' which threw up Klee.  Of course!!!!  How could I have forgotten - he coined the phrase in the first place!  And he lived at the right time too - a non-Victorian Victorian!!
We looked carefully at this:

(lovely, isn't it?)
and then thought about the line patterns in the carpet beater.  Finally, they took their own lines for a walk inside a carpet beater head shape and coloured in with wax crayons.  Lovely results again - I am very proud of what they've achieved in the last few days.  They've worked their socks off!

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