Thursday 29 March 2012

Thursday morning

Mini rant coming up . . .
I do wish supply teachers would make sure little children put their names on their work rather than just assuming they have done.
End of rant!

Well, my friend finally got here yesterday and we had a lovely evening chatting and catching up on all sorts of things.  At the moment she and her daughter are, I hope, sleeping sweetly in the guest bedroom before waking to a new day.  We all went up to bed very early - all that nattering must have worn us out.  And I have to say, Morrison's pizzas are very tasty!

Today - two days to go - is not going to be terribly hard work.  There's a bit of maths, a bit of literacy, some phonics, a special assembly and a finishing of open boxes.  Several children expressed a concern about where the creme eggs were coming from.  H expressed it well.
'Er, excuse me, Mrs Clark' (he's always very polite), 'you know about these eggs . . .'
Me: (encouragingly):  'Mmmmm?'
H:  Well, I was just wondering . . . where are they coming from?  Do we have to bring one in?'

Wasn't that nicely expressed?  He and G had been whispering to each other and earlier G had asked me where the egg I had came from and I said (without thinking) 'Morrisons' and then, realising what I'd said, waffled about the Easter Bunny a bit!  It obviously didn't help!

So today they finish off the boxes, make a little handle, stuff the inside of their box with tissue paper and leave it, with eager hope, on the side for the last day, just in case the Easter Bunny does happen to pass by!  And yes, a lot of them do realise but are happy to keep up the pretence because you never know - do you?

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