Thursday 15 March 2012

Thursday evening

. . . and you never saw such a set of bleary eyed teachers in your life.  I guess one of the things about a 'successful' school (whatever 'successful' means) is that there's an awful lot to live up to.  Parents' evenings are times when what you have done with their justifiably precious child (absolutely no sarcasm intended here) is on the line.  As a result, we all invest so much in these times that when they are over we just wilt.

Mind you, there was not a lot of chance to wilt in class today.  We've been starting to use a new ICT scheme of work.  We (teaching staff) were increasingly aware that, especially higher up the school, the things that we used to teach them are now things that they have already picked up from 'playing' on their home computer and there was a recognised need for something that was cohesive, progressive and more challenging.  In year 1 we took on board the unit regarding filming and visual stuff and we have been working to film a 'programme' called 'Life in the Olden Days'.  Today was the final filming and now it's all done and on the school network for putting together next week.  We had producers, camera 'men', prompts, a wardrobe mistress (me) and any number of presenters who found it incredibly difficult to stand still, speak to the camera and remember their words!  Great fun has been had by all.
And this being education, not just about 'having a good time' tomorrow is evaluation day!

J and I have looked at the new SoW for next term and we are considerably not impressed, so there will be some modifying going on.  Fortunately, the official edict is 'use what you want and make it work for you' so that's OK!

That's teaching for you.  Always changing, always moving on, always more challenges.  The government really shouldn't worry - we challenge ourselves, we really do!  The children (and we teachers) have learnt so much through the 'We are Historians' work over the past fortnight, not just about ICT but literacy, history, leadership, using detail to improve the wider picture, working as a team, listening and appreciating each other's strengths, positive criticism . . .  It's been very good.

(jumps off soap box)

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