Tuesday 1 November 2011


. . . and it's November.  Yesterday (ish) it was July.  What's happened?  At this rate it will be Christmas the day after tomorrow and then where will we all be, eh?

It was nice getting back to school yesterday.  Lovely to see the children.  Good to get back into a routine again.  Great to meet up with colleagues and chat about stuff.  It's amazing how quickly one embraces the structure and timetabling of a normal working day again.  Diane commented yesterday that when I retire I will have to take something up to keep me occupied and I reckon she's right.  I do find that by the end of the summer holiday things have become a bit aimless and sloppy.  Maybe I could do 'tutoring' (for want of a better word), although that would tie me down to being at home when maybe I would like to go out and about.  It's a shame that a lot of daytime adult education has been slashed, what with cutbacks, etc.  I'd love to take up pillow lace again and there's lots of other crafts I have never tried but would like a go - pottery, bead craft, pergamano, all sorts.  Maybe things will be easier in a few years' time and there will be more on offer again.  Fingers crossed.

Today looks like being a very full day.  Solid teaching all the way through (no complaints there) and a meeting after school.  Then it's home to clickety clack with the knitting needles as I make can can scarves.  Again, no complaints.

I had some sad news yesterday.  The grandfather of one of our children, someone I have known for many years, although I haven't seen him recently, passed away last week.  He was my age, more or less.  The funeral is on Thursday and the headteacher and I will be going.  I'm glad I have the opportunity to say goodbye.  My thought go to his three daughters and their families at this very sad time.  RIP.

Autumn fruit at Hyde Hall

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