Saturday 12 November 2011


Photos:  just playing.

Close up (macro), in the dark with the flash.  Very pleased with this - the centre is much sharper than I have ever managed to achieve with the Sony.  I really, really like it.

Two zooms (camera shake included) the first of the tree at the bottom of next door's garden and the other of the tree the other side of the other neighbour's garden.  Also not bad!
Weekend.  Two weeks down, five to go.  Only three until the Christmas show though - eeeek.  I seem to be doing a lot of eeeking at the moment one way and another, don't I?

I've already mentioned how much I like my new teacher-toy and am feeling a most ridiculous and irrational sense of disloyalty towards my own camera now.  Yesterday evening I took the wrist strap off my old Sony and put it on the Canon as the one provided with it doesn't have a gizmo-thing to tighten it on the wrist and I didn't feel it was safe.  Doing that just doesn't feel right though - aren't I a wally?

There's a lot more automatic stuff on the Canon - things that I had to set each time on the Sony.  It takes better pictures and is both easier and more difficult to use.  I'm on a learning curve here.  Time to load up the manuals disk for more info, I reckon.  The starter book is minimalistic, to say the least.

Now I can look elsewhere for a personal replacement camera.  No point getting the same, is there.  The pressure is now off and some of my auntie's legacy can be saved while I ponder.  And I'm off out later to get a nice little case for it (not provided by the school).  If I am going to use it at home, which I am allowed to, I need to take care of it and a carrying case is a protection.

I need a case but I want a tripod!

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