Thursday 24 November 2011


Taken in Dad's garden last weekend.  When the sun shines, everything is still so very colourful. 
And doesn't the new camera take nice close-ups?

Ooops a daisy, I missed a post yesterday.  That was not intentional, just careless - the days are whizzing past at the moment and there seems very little time for pondering and musing. 

Yesterday was our PPA and June and I managed to get planning sorted for the next two weeks.  Actually, this is not quite as impressive as it sounds because next week is a short week.  Monday is a non-pupil day and on Wednesday the school is closed because a number of staff are taking industrial action.  For me and my colleagues who are not, it means a very welcome day to get a lot of things sorted out, but it's rather a pain at this time of year when the show is so close and there's just so much for the children to do.  However, one bows to the inevitable with a good grace and makes the best of things, so I'm creating a long list of Stuff To Do.  There will be three of us there in the morning in year 1, the two TAs and me, so we should get loads done, tidied, prepared, etc.

After school we had a surprise.  We didn't know, but some other school from our local delivery group descended on us for an inter-school training session on mindset.  That sounds a bit trendy but, in fact, it was very good, very practical and very down to earth.  Definitely worth listening to!

Today?  Well, today is just a normal day apart from perhaps a singing time instead of assembly, depending on whether it's a 'vicar assembly' or not.  We are lucky to have some local ministers/vicars who like to come into school to lead assemblies once a fortnight - but I can't remember if today is one of those days.  As I always lead the song practice for the infants on Monday, I don't have to take or supervise a Thursday assembly so I'm never up to speed regarding which kind of assembly it's going to be!  Bad me!!

And it's my coordinator time, thank goodness.  There's SO much to do and no time to do it. 

All in all it's been a rather fraught week but the weekend is nearly here, thank goodness.  There's loads to do at home but it will be different, I can pace myself, and the children won't be in until Tuesday!  On Tuesday last year, it snowed, if you remember and by Tuesday lunchtime the school had been closed and most of the children had already been picked up by their parents or minders.  As a result, the infant show was put back a week and we had to do any amount of replanning and juggling things around to make it all happen.  There doesn't seem to be any sign of a similar weather pattern this year, thank goodness (and fingers crossed).

. . . or is that Famous Last Words?

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