Monday 28 November 2011

Monday morning

Five things that are making me happy right now.  Nothing important in the wider scheme of things, but immediate, superficial and minor

1.  A frost outside.  I love frosts.  I know it means the heating clicks on.  I know it means the cars need scraping.  But doesn't it look lovely when the sun comes up and everything sparkles like diamonds?

2.  A good night's sleep between clean, fresh sheets.  Getting into a bed that has been made up with fresh sheets is one of life's simple, major pleasures and it happens every week too.  It's even better when the old sheets have been washed, dried and ironed and are airing before being put in the airing cupboard!

3.  Leading on from that - an empty ironing basket.  That's not totally accurate in that there's stuff on the drying rack, but it's not in the basket so it doesn't count.  Right now I can see the inside of the ironing basket and that's the important thing!

4.  A non-pupil day.  Don't get me wrong, I love my children very much and I love my job very much too but there's something deliciously naughty about not teaching on a teaching day.

5.  Peeking in the fridge and seeing that there's almost enough left-over food to feed me for the day.  That doesn't mean no cooking, dear me, no, but most of it will be 'free' as it's left-overs.  Breakfast is the only 'new' meal and I'm swivelling between beans on toast or bacon sarnie at the moment.  Lunch is finishing off the butternut and lentil soup which was absolutely scrummy yesterday.  And dinner is going to be hotpot made with the leftovers of the slow roast lamb.

So better go and put the lamb bone on to boil, make the coffee (another happy thing as I don't usually make proper coffee on a school day) and unload the dishwasher (for which I am properly grateful, believe me).  It's a good life and I'm feeling very thankful right now.

Looking across the road to the kickabout one misty morning recently.

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