Friday 25 November 2011


Still flowering in Dad's garden - at least they were last Saturday!
Good morning, everyone!  Friday again and now just three weeks until the end of term.  I know I state the obvious with tedious regularity but - where is the time going?

Yesterday was quite a good day with coordinator time, a rehearsal over the lunch break and then a meeting after school.  There's a bug going the rounds: I had five away yesterday, all with high temperatures, sickness, the runs and/or painful throat/ears, poor children.  I just wonder how many I will get in today: some of them were fading visibly as the day went on although perhaps it was just tiredness.

Today is SEN time in name, but some of that time will need to be handed over to the Christmas show.  There's a rare hall slot in the morning which I have nicked for a rehearsal with the actors - they need one run through in the hall before the first complete run through with everyone next Tuesday afternoon.  And we have hoops to make.  These are decorations for the hall and it will be easier to take a photo once they're made and up than to describe now.  Suffice it to say, anyone needing hoops for their PE lesson from now until the end of term will be sadly disappointed.  It's all go!!

At least the planning gets easier.  There's so many other things to do that planning becomes minimalistic and activities run over into the next week.  Small mercies!

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