Thursday 17 November 2011


It's been another not-seeing-much-of-my-class day today.  Interesting though.  I must start by going back to yesterday evening.  If you recall, we had a maths evening at school, to explain to the parents how we teach concepts and also why.  Leading it was the most wonderful lady, Gill Heysham by name, who enabled us to laugh and talk our way through over an hour of 'what-they-learn-in-KS1' without time dragging in any way whatsoever.  I went home at the half way point, but I gather the KS2 presentation was equally inspiring and enjoyable.  A couple of parents said that they ought to have seen it before their child started school and I can see what they meant.

So, on to today.  The first hour and three quarters was spent enjoying the company of my littlies, followed by KS1 coordinator time, much appreciated by me.  And then this afternoon I pootled over to the other side of town to the teachers' centre for a SENCo update meeting which was very informative, very interesting and, for once, it didn't make me feel inadequate.  Three cheers for the SEN team there!

I then went back to school to check on things and I was glad I did as one of my children had left something rather important behind.  I managed to track mum down in the school pool - well, not exactly IN the pool, but waiting while her daughter finished her lesson. 

And now I'm home, feeling tired and relaxed, planning done for next week (I slogged away at it early this morning) and feeling almost on top of things for once.

Long may it last!

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