Tuesday 22 November 2011

Tuesday morning

Bright autumnal colours to brighten up a dull morning.
It's another dull, damp, misty early morning here.  As always, when the weather is like this, I am extremely grateful for central heating and the wherewithal to run it without too much worry.  As today is my playground duty day, I very much hope it will have brightened up before 10:45!

The meeting after school went well although earlier in the day there were some signs of overload stress and I must keep an eye and ear open for if/when I can support.  However, we had a great time over some rose, pringles and mince pies, got all the tickets done and ready and made the scenery, finishing with a rousing chorus of 'Merry Christmas, Everyone'.  It never takes too long when everyone piles in and works together, does it? 

Things are getting more than a little bit muddled with regards to the timetable.  Tomorrow morning, instead of my usual cover, one of my junior colleagues has the joy of taking my class for my PPA time as F will be leading a junior carol service rehearsal first thing in the morning.   I've tried to reserve some simple things for then but, given that it's reading revelry and then phonics AND it's our family assembly, it's not going to be all that simple.  Ah, well!  That's Christmas for you, isn't it?

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