Friday 4 November 2011


Diane was right - it did rain.  Outdoor games was off because even though it wasn't actually raining, it was very puddly and neither J or I could bear the thought of 29 pairs of plimsolls (some not named) drying around a classroom that is already much too small for purpose anyway, and they can't put them back in their PE bags wet.
So they did maths which meant that the afternoon was given over to finishing their art.  Phew.

Children being children, however careful you are to create a supportive ethos within a community, there's always going to be a few ups and downs.  Yesterday, Vociferous Little Boy came in after dinner in a right old state.

Me:  Oh, dear, what's the matter.
V L B:  He hit me, and him and her.
Me:  Really?  What happened.
V L B:  (long winded and garbled explanation)
Me:  er . . . OK, but what actually happened?
V L B:  He hit me on the gazebo!
Me:  *splutter*

It turned out that he meant 'in' the gazebo (a structure in the playground for providing shelter) so I didn't have to make any potentially embarrassing enquiries as to where his gazebo was!  It also turned out that it was six of one and half a dozen of the other . . . as is usually the case.

I love teaching year 1!

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