Wednesday 16 November 2011


It feels pretty chilly this morning!  The weather information on iGoogle tells me that it is 8 degrees outside.  I don't believe it any more than I believed it yesterday evening when it told me that it was storming outside with heavy rain!  The heavy rain would be welcome, for sure, but I do wonder where Google gets its weather info from.  Not from anyone actually looking out of their front door, that's for sure.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day with my class.  They really are poppets and try very hard (most of them) to learn and progress.  The listening walk in the afternoon was particularly interesting as we wandered around different parts of the school environment, listening for sounds and talking about what made them and why.  I could have done with that tracking GPS gizmo thing which would have been interesting and would have added a nice geographical element to an activity which was mostly science based.  The sooner I get one the better!

Today is a busy day.  PPA first, and June and I have a lot of things to look at.  Then it's ICT suite.  After lunch it's more science and  a family assembly and Christmas dance practice.  Finally it's a trip to the library before home time.  The usual staff meeting has been cancelled as this evening is a special maths evening with the parents.  The Infant section of it starts at 6:00 and when that's finished there will be a break and us infant teachers can go when the junior section starts.   I'm rather relieved as you know what I'm like with being out late - and yes, past eight o'clock IS late.  Yes it is . . .!!!

I've been having fun with the new camera.  I wanted to test the zoom/close up functions and a friend needs some 'guess what it is' photos for a competition so I've combined the two and have merrily been sending off photo after photo.  I don't know if they will all be used, probably not, but some will be.  I might use them as an ice breaker at the Chinese and Chat (not that any ice ever needs breaking with us!).  Once the competition is over, I will post some for you to guess as well.

Better go and prepare some stuff for today.  It's all go!

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