Saturday 5 November 2011


IT'S THE WEEKEND!  Yay!  Six weeks to go until the end of term BUT (gulp) only four weeks to go until Christmas Show week.  Now that's scary!  I haven't even started our dance yet - not even decided on the music, in fact.  Better go to Amazon and find something.  As it's a 'skipping dance' I decided I'd create something based on a good old fashioned English country dance, so I need some appropriate music.  Cecil Sharp, here I come!

Yesterday was SEN day so lots of work there but at playtimes I was working on the costumes, scenery and props for The Sleepy Shepherd - planning them, I mean, not making them.  It's going to be very sweet this year with lots of toy sheep and little shepherds in dressing gowns (but NOT head dresses as they always fall off!!).  Sort of traditional with shepherds (lots of them), angels, stars, woolly sheep and a betrothed couple with a baby.  All together now - aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

As for today it's all go.  George round, bags of housework, knitting, washing and ironing.  Phew.  Better get going then.

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