Thursday 26 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  Now that the morning light is getting later and later, I can't tell what it's like outside except to say it is not wet.  (edit:  I was wrong, it is wet, we have had rain!)  Yesterday turned out beautifully with warmth and sunshine but Beeb says today isn't likely to be so great with cloud and temperatures a fair bit lower, not reaching 20C.  We will see.

The allotment was very pleasant yesterday morning.  It's definitely a happy place for me picking and generally harvesting is very restful and satisfying.  I came home with the usual and took some of the runners to Lindsey's, with some for Chris this morning.
I mowed the grass and it is a sign of how wet this summer had been that it is still lovely and green, as are the hedgerows around here.  Usually, by the end of August, they are brown and a bit parched but they are very much 'England's green and pleasant land' right now.  Ditto for my little square of grass out the front.

I forgot to take some paracetamol before going to PT so one of my ankles was aching rather.  It was because I'd already done exercise through what I did at the allotment.  Never mind, I did my best and when I got home I rested it and it was much better.
I need to restart swimming - that should help a lot, I think.  Maybe after SW tomorrow morning?

Today is a quieter day.  I'm popping over to Sainsbury's first thing to have a look at their clothes and get some bits and bobs and then, being Thursday, I am off round to Chris, bearing gifts in the form of runner beans, for our chat.  I think it will be at hers although it might be at mine . . . it depends on how much of a breeze there is.  Her garden is a bit of a wind tunnel whereas mine is more sheltered.

After that I'm allotment bound and there are just two things on the list - harvesting and weeding.  The rest of the day is the usual homey stuff.

I'm definitely going online later on to order that pear tree.  I feel quite excited about having a mini container orchard in my pocket handkerchief of a garden and am planning where they should go, whether together in a sort of clump or scattered around.  What do you think?

Well, it is time for a coffee so I will say goodbye, have a lovely day and, as always, be safe.  xx


  1. Regarding your mini orchard I think I would go for a clump of trees rather than scattered around but I don't really know your garden.

  2. I'd go for a clump of trees as well ... that's what I was going for here before plans were changed.

    I hope you have a good day and that your ankle recovers completely.

  3. It's definitely feeling cooler today. I quite like the idea of a clump of trees as it will look like a little copse.

  4. I agree, I think a clump of fruit trees together would be very striking.

    God bless.

  5. Thanks, everyone. They would, of course, be in pots, not in the ground, but I think I agree, it would have a better impact.