Tuesday 4 December 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I had a surprise when I peeped out this morning; we have a frost!  Given that it was pretty mild yesterday, that's a big drop in temperature overnight so here's hoping it bumps up again to yesterday's level (lovely and mild) this morning.  At least the skies are clear.

I returned home to a lovely, clean and tidy hope and proceeded to change that, but only temporarily.  Then, after lunch, I was off to school where I ended up taking part in a fire drill and getting a bit cold but, dear me, these drills are a necessary evil!  After tuition I had a lazy evening knitting and watching some recorded stuff and two of my favourite quiz programmes, Only Connect and University Challenge.  I must have been on form because I got a few links in Only Connect and answered several questions in Uni Challenge.

Today is going to be fun.  I've been invited to watch the final dress rehearsal for the Infants' Christmas show so I will be down there when the gates open to help get a very over-excited and dressed up Foundation Stage class into the hall before settling back to watch and reminisce.  After that I'm over the road to Morrisons and then home to plan, get a bit of paperwork done and then do some crafting with Beth.

It should be a good day!

Today's Advent Offering for your delight, delectation and/or disgust, a few of the worst Christmas cracker jokes I can remember!

What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney?

What goes Ho Ho Whoosh, Ho Ho Whoosh?

What do Santa's little helpers learn at school?


Answers in comments!


  1. Claustrophobia.

    Santa in a revolving door.

    The elf-abet

    Terrible, aren't they?

  2. Ha ha ha.....or should that be ho ho ho?!

    It's very chilly here too, not surprising as there's a clear sky with lots of stars, including a very bright Venus. Hope it's not too chilly in the school hall for the dress rehearsal.

  3. Oh! those jokes are very crackery. Love them.
    There is widespread frost here, which I was expecting, as the gritters were out when we walked through the village yesterday. Everything is sparkly. Far more festive than the miserable wet weather we experienced at the weekend. Enjoy the show. X

  4. I love Uni Challenge, too, but not Only Connect (apart from Victoria's silly remarks at the end of the prog, which become ever more whimsical!) I love to answer the questions - those I can answer on Uni Challenge - before the students, but I'm hopeless on anything to do with chemistry and physics or mathematics. Better on music and art and literature. I've not done as well these past two weeks as I did three weeks ago when I could answer 20 questions, only about eight or nine last night. I shall have to count the ones I can answer (i.e. before the students, I mean) next time!
    I liked the cracker jokes! I like a bit of silliness!
    Margaret P

  5. My late partner used to return to his old home (about 200 miles away) twice a month to see his son. He earned a reputation of being very clever because he could answer so many of the questions on University Challenge. He was found out after his son came to stay - we of course watched University Challenge and he wasn't his usual brilliant self on the answers. Fast forward to the next weekend when he took his son home and they settled down to watch the programme. His son quickly realised that it was the same programme we'd watched the week before - for some reason our TV area was a week ahead of theirs - and that his dad just had a good memory!

  6. We travelled down last night on the M6 behind the gritter. The temp was down to 1C at Shap according to our car and then went a bit higher as you might expect around Manchester to 4C and back to 2C as we came over the Penines. And we have frost too today and it is gloriously sunny - thank goodnes as our task today is outside.
    Little L will love those jokes I will copy them down for her - she is good at telling them if she can get to the end without laughing at them herself!
    Well done on the Uni Challenge answers.

  7. Thanks for all your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the jokes - they do make me chuckle too.

    Not being super-intellighent (just normally so), those two programmes are challenges for me but I do enjoy having a go and it's a triumph when I know! :-)