Friday 28 December 2018


Good morning.  I'm a bit later today because I whizzed off the the GP earlier and now I am loaded up with my flu jab (better late than never) and the pneumo-whotsit jab too.  The latter is a one off. 
I couldn't believe how easy it was to get through town - usually the centre of Chelmsford is a nightmare but there were no holdups at all, a combination of a long 'holiday' and schools being out, I guess.
Coming home was equally straightforward.

First of all - Eileen, please would you send me the address of that group that sends bras overseas, please.  Thanks for mentioning it.

Secondly - ooops, three pounds on over Christmas, according to the weigh in.  No surprise and I wasn't the only one by a long shot.  Back on track today (apart from this evening) and it'll all or mostly be gone next Thursday.  I'd rather know than not know.

 Town was far from busy yesterday.  The bus was even better, being almost empty both ways.  I went into M&S because I get their bras and found what I wanted although I was slightly tempted by some more fancy, prettier stuff.  Maybe when I hit target I will treat myself to a few sets.
Then I wandered over to the PJs as I love M&S PJs; they are so very comfortable and cosy.  To my delight, they had some at half price although some were Christmas sets.  Not all though and I stocked up.
I also found a jumper reduced in the sale

After that I headed back to the bus, a route that takes me past some big shops on the way.  I nearly went into Waterstones but I knew I'd be there for absolutely ages so I managed to resist.  I will maybe make a trip specifically for that next week.  Why not!  :-)

On the way back I went into Primark and got some thinner jumpers for when the weather is milder.  And I have discovered yet again the eternal truth of clothes shopping.  If you really love the colour and the style, they won't have it in your size.  It doesn't matter what size that is, they won't have it, full stop.

And that's my Christmas money spent!

After getting home (only two of us on the bus), I took off labels, etc, investigated the contents of my washing basket and got stuck into some washing.  I now have a basket of ironing which is on today's list.  Stuff got moved about in my cupboards so now there's room for all the new stuff.

Emily now has two legs the same and she's nearly made up.  She's gone well, very pretty (I think) and I just have to get the hat bedecked with leaves and flowers and then sew it on.  She will make someone a nice gift at some point, I am sure.

Last of all, I'm off out to a friend's home for supper today.  I'm very much looking forward to that.
Well, time flies and I need to get going so I will wave goodbye now.  Have a super day and may everything go well for you.  xx


  1. Sound like a nice busy day. I haven’t venture to the shops I would only by more food and we are still bursting at the seems. I love your dolls they are gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of you day.

  2. I think it is, yes. Good fun, anyway. I don't need food either, there's plenty tucked away. Have a good day yourself too.

  3. A gain of 3lbs over the festive period doesn't sound too bad and hopefully won't take you too long to get back on track.

    I donate my bras to a local lady who has said that she will be stopping next year. She sends them on to an Edinburgh based charity called Smalls for All, and a quick look at their website shows that you can make donations direct to them, which is what I'll do in the future.

    Another idea for using up scraps of wool is to knit the little bobble hats for Innocent smoothies, in aid of Age UK. The details are on Age UK's website under get involved/the big knit.

  4. Brilliant, thanks very much.

  5. Sounds like you had a good day! I must admit that I hate clothes shopping. In the winter I tend to go for big, comfy jumpers and jeans. At home I keep the big jumper on but change into comfy bottoms. I really need to find some new jeans. Sigh. They either fit really well in the legs and thighs, but huge on the waist or too tight on the thighs but fine on the waist. Last time I found some I liked I bought several pairs all in the same style, but they stopped selling them. That's the problem I have - anything I like (clothes or food) the shops stop selling! Oh well, I do have plenty of summer clothes!

  6. Joy- I live fairly near Smalls for All, but they ask for new or very gently worn bras. Pants must be new. My friends and I have supported this group for a while now and we buy underwear when it’s on special offer and send off packages to suit their timeline. It’s always good to ask around eg at SW class for people who have bought bras and not worn them because they have lost weight. I’m a volunteer with an upcycling charity but we are not allowed to accept underwear, so I usually point people to Smalls for All. Still doing my Christmas Jigsaw-it’s wonderfully challenging.

  7. SHaron, it can be so vry frustrating, can't it? Just when you think you have found something . . .

    Catriona, these bras are pretty new but are now too large. They're in a very good condition. Thanks very nmuch for the info.


  8. I wouldn't worry about a few pounds, you'll soon be back on track.
    New underwear was required here too, so I stocked up just before Christmas, while we were in the City. X