Monday 10 December 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I got my wish - some sunshine yesterday - and very cheering it was too.  It's turning colder though, I think, and there might be a bit of frost developing.  We will see.

Yesterday was sit and knit day.  I worked my way through mountains of saved programmes as I did so.  Not exactly brain challenging but it kept me going.  It's now almost finished which is great because this week seems to be turning out very busy one way or another.

Today I have loads to do in preparation for the Girls' Lunch here tomorrow.  I'm doing the savouries and, while I'm not providing loads, I want my offering to be deliciously Slimming World friendly so have dug out a number of recipes to make.  Should be good.
I need to make fudge too, and to go shopping, tidy and clean downstairs and plan for today's tuition - not that the last will take very long as I have loads of stuff in their folders.
I have two lambs to knit and a parcel to post.

It's all go around here.  Better go and get started - fudge firsh, I think.   :-)

Today's Advent offering.   Moving on to the annunciation - another favourite.  The Angel Gabriel.


  1. Sounds like a busy day! It's getting really cold here now. When I talked to Mum about it she couldn't believe how cold it was. It was -11C yesterday morning! Michigan is usually cold but not quite this cold in December. Our coldest months are usually in late Jan/Feb. Husband says maybe it will warm up and I told him that I'm not holding my breath! Hope your Monday goes well.

  2. I haven't made fudge for years ... may be an idea for something to offer unexpected visitors. I just need to be sure I won't be tempted to eat it all myself!

  3. That, Eileen, is the problem, of course. It's so nice.

    SHaron, that's what I call cold! Brrrr . . . I hope it does warm up a bit.

  4. Afternoon Joy, I absolutely love your new Christmas header with your Nativity figures - you are so talented, the figures are beautifully done.

    Hope the fudge hasn't leapt into your mouth...other than the obligatory testing bit, of course! ;-)

  5. Thanks, Sharon. I'm so relieved that it is finished and posted off at last.
    Apart from the obligatory taster, I've been very good (so far). It's such an easy recipe and has never failed me. Great for gifts.

  6. Sharon???? I mean Sooze, of course! Sorry.