Monday 24 December 2018

Monday - Christmas Eve

Good morning, everyone.  My fingers are crossed that today is a much nicer day, weatherly speaking, than yesterday was.  Rain, rain, rain and more rain so no walk for me yesterday!

First of all, many thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday.  I was rather busy yesterday but will reply when I get home and can use my big screen -  it all gets a bit cluttered on the laptop screen.

It was a lovely day, despite the weather!  Pressies round the tree, a bright and tasty buffet type lunch, a traditional dinner and a bit more alcohol than was good for me.  The turkey cooked brilliantly, as Kellybronzes always do, and there's so much left over!  There would be anyway but I was factoring in my brother taking a good lot back home with him and he informed me yesterday that he has his own back oop north so won't be taking any this year.  Ditto for Christmas pudding!

It's just as well I love leftovers, isn't it?

Today is the calm between two Christmasses and I am going to make the most of it by doing not an awful lot.  I'll be driving back home after breakfast, unpacking, sorting out the myriad of food I shall have with me and then I will be strolling along to Morrisons to get some Christmas flowers.  As I was away over the weekend, I didn't get any earlier and if there are none left (or no good ones) I shall do without and treat myself in the New Year.

After that, I will do a few outstanding preparations (e.g. a bit of wrapping up and a few cards) before settling down for a telly-fest and a knitting session.  I always like to have something on the go, knitting-wise, as it keeps my hands occupied and out of the proverbial biscuit tin!  I don't have anything I have to make or finish so I've started knitting a Jean Greenhowe dolly.  At the moment she's in bits in a poly bag so I might start sewing her up and stuffing her.  Here's a photo from Jean's web site - my Emily will have yellow hair as I was out of brown.

Finally, here's the last Advent offering and it really has to be this one.  I'm looking forward to this year's version on TV later on.


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed a lovely day and it's possible you'll be eating turkey for a good while yet.
    Have a safe journey home and relax before you celebrate for a second time.
    Merry Christmas. X

  2. I am awake nice and early so I can get in the queue at the butchers in Ledbury for our turkey and trimmings. You have reminded me about the flowers though. Mine are sitting in a bucket of water in the garage and will need arranging later.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your second dinner!

  3. The doll looks lovely, cant wait to see yours. I have promised myself to get back into crafting.

  4. Love the doll. I'm glad things went according to plan and I wish you all the very best for tomorrow as you say it is a good job you like leftovers. I hope that my very small turkey will get consumed quickly so I can have the carcas for my soup.

  5. Cute doll. Glad you had a lovely 'Christmas Day' with your mum and dad - enjoy your second one! Happy Christmas x

  6. Jules, I am just very grateful for the freezer!

    Cathering, I'm glad I mentioned flowers then. Enjoy the time arranging them - it's relaxing.

    Lynn, Diane and Viv - she really is very sweet although I have no idea what I will be doing with her when she's finished. In this, it is the doing, rather than the end product. :-)

    Have a wonderful day, everyone, and thanks for the comments.

  7. It sounds like your first celebration was delightful. Hope your next one is as festive! We’ve had our first celebration with our own children (and new grandson) last night, today is the in-laws at my MIL’s and Tuesday is my side at our house. We shall really need to get back to Weight Watchers recipes in the new year! Blessings to you, Joy! Zenda

  8. And to you too, Zenda. Hoping the rest of your celebrations go as well as yesterday's did. xxx