Thursday 6 December 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Where is the week going?  It's Thursday already!  Almost another week over and finished!  It's damp and mild out there but maybe the sun will shine later on.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for all those lovely and kind comments yesterday - I have some good friends on my blog, don't I?
I've replied to most of them in yesterday's comments but I'll answer one here - Margaret, what a splendid idea.  Strangely enough, I had an email yesterday from J, saying it was ages since we had got together so how about it.  With a suddenly free weekend I suggested that and she agreed (not sure whether it's Saturday or Sunday yet).  I was going to do the tree on whichever day she didn't come but after your brainwave, I will ask if she'd like to help!  Thank you so much.
That's a very good quote too - I think I will look out for that book!

The Infants' show yesterday was wonderful.  The children come alive with an audience of mums and dads, don't they, and I had a great view.  Well done, everyone.  I must remember to send a note for the newsletter today.

I've sent round messages to 'my' parents (of my students) advising them of when my term finishes and the next one starts.  I like tutoring but it will be nice to have more free days for a few weeks - not that they'll be particularly free but you know what I mean!

Today is an almost empty day until the evening so I might get out the tree and set it up with its lights ready (that takes ages as each branch has to be fitted separately).  Yes, I have an artificial tree and have done ever since a 'real needed decided to lodge itself in my eye and it took ages (and considerable discomfort) to get it out again!  It's getting old not and I keep thinking to replace it but never do.  Well, it won't be this year now.

I also have knitting, housework, a titchy bit of planning and some ironing before tuition which is the last one this year for this particular student so I am glad that I got all the gift bags done and dusted yesterday.

And then it is Slimming World group so my fingers are crossed.  I have my doubts about tonight's weigh in because the weekend was a bit 'naughty but nice' at times but what will be will be and there's always next week!

Seeing as Christmas trees are on my mind, here's today's Advent offering.  Enjoy.


  1. Andrea Bocelli's voice is beautiful, love it. Good luck for weigh in tonight.

  2. So glad you liked my idea, Joy!
    Yes, Andrea Bocelli has a lovely voice - we first heard him years ago when looking around a local historic house and one of his CDs was being played, and so many people were just standing around, listening. Of course, he's what I call popular classical, but there's nothing wrong with that at all! One of our very first LPs we bought in 1970 when we had our then new stereo system was James Last's Classics Up To Date and we still enjoy this. But favourite of all at Christmas is Jessye Norman singing Christmas songs. Look out for her recordings, Joy.
    I do think you would like Roy Strong's book, Joy. This was obviously put together long before the death of his beloved wife and before his controversial diaries (which I've read and enjoyed) were published, and before his books on their lovely home, The Laskett.
    Margaret P

  3. He does have a lovely voice, doesn't he, Sooze. I could listen to him for ages. And thanks.

    I did like your ideas, very much, Margaret. Thanks.


  4. I'm missing out on all the school productions this year and it's left a big gap in my December celebrations. I always think the KS1 shows are delightful.

  5. I'm sorry about that, Eileen. As you say, a big gap. The little ones do such a good job, don't they?
    Hoping there are other things to start filling the gaps.

  6. I'm glad you like my ideas, Joy!
    Our little grandson is in his 2nd Nativity play soon, again he's a sheep. He wanted to be a sheep, he loves the sheep costume! He's got some lines to say, too, and has been busy learning them. He's turning into a proper little "luvvie" running around and demanding of his mummy and daddy, "Where's my lines? Where's my lines!" Oh, aren't children funny at five and a half!
    Margaret P