Saturday 22 December 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It seems to be damp out there and not cold but the skies are clear.  Fingers crossed for a fine day!

Thanks to being organised earlier on in the week, yesterday went surpriingly smoothly.  I popped over to Danbury and now a plump turkey is resating in the cold larder waiting for my ministrations this efternoon.  I've also taken the pudding out of the freezer and moved the pigs in blankets into the inside freezer!

I don't think I have forgotten anything that matters but Dad and I had a laugh when I saw that he had bought some Stilton and he saw that I had bought some Stilton.  Isn't it lucky that we like Stilton!  Unloading the car and unpacking took a bit longer than usual, what with one and another and I don't think I have forgotten anything.  I even remembered a large roasting tin and some long foil.

Looking at those put a rather wry smile on my face.  They used to be the sort of thing Mum would bring to mine for Christmas; now the boot is on the other foot.  Maybe I have grown up a bit!

Did anyone watch the Kings Choir programme yesterday evening?  I did enjoy it and there was a good nibble of music to enjoy.  I didn't realise Stephen Cleobury is retiring in 2019; it appears a Stephen Hyde will replace him, according to Wiki.  He will be missed very much indeed.

The Advent offering is music - Star Carol by John Rutter.  It's a good one to sing, lively and joyous.


  1. It's a strange kind of feeling, when you find yourself taking on the tasks once belonging to your parents. X

  2. These next few days are like when you go on holiday and you find out things you may have forgotten or extra little bits you want to fit in before the day. I had to go to town yesterday (big mistake too) for some haberdashery for the little stocking I am making for the new baby as I was 2 little bugle beads short can you believe. Hopefully there won't be anything else I have overlooked - it was mad in town.

  3. You can never have too much Stilton!

  4. I am just waiting for my kids to take over the Christmas feast from me - it's really getting to be too much! Next year, maybe, and I will be glad to relinquish it!

  5. That's a funny anecdote about the cheese. A similar thing happened to me last week when my wife (who never shops for food) brought home a gallon of the same soy-milk I'd purchased the same day. Happy holidays.