Saturday 1 December 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Pinch and a punch for the first of the month and white rabbits to you all!  December has now begun!

Thank you all very much for the lovely comments yesterday.  I think I have replied to them all and very much appreciate them.  I also seem to have some new followers so a warm welcome to you!

Yesterday was a good day and the drive over to Mum and Dad's was absolutely lovely.  Clear roads, moving traffic, no hold-ups and the sun was shining.  Best of all, I had remembered to wash the windscreen so there was much less sun glare on said windscreen than there could have been!

I bustled around early morning, getting stuff done and organised and made a few plans for sorting out the mess in my bedroom (again).  I need to make better use of the high cupboards for things I don't want to chuck but which aren't needed very often; that would sort a few things out nicely, I think.  I also have to deal with the small bedroom, the one over the stairs, as I am likely to need it over Christmas and it's my dumping ground.
So - I made plans!

Today I have ironing, cooking, maybe a bit of shopping and generally being there so not too busy.  I'm hoping to be able to spend plenty of time on my knitting - that would be good.  Weather permitting, I'd like to go out for a walk, but we will see!

Have a lovely day and remember to burn that advent candle, open that door in your advent calendar or do whatever you do once December starts.  I'm afraid my candle will have to wait!

Here's a favourite advent carol ever - always has been since I was little.  It's very old and very 'modal' and beautiful (I think).


  1. Lovely Carol I must admit that I have a carol playlist which is put on full belt on Christmas morning as we slave over the hot stove. And the carols from Kings is compulsory viewing.

  2. I feel really festive this year - no work problems to interfere maybe!
    Love the Emmanuel Carol. Today I start my Advent Calendar - Christmas seems to have arrived quickly now. Have a good weekend.

  3. Beautiful singing, something special about a choir at Christmas.

  4. Kings College Choir is, to my mind, the finest choir of that type in the world. They are fantastic.
    This year, I hope to be able to watch the carols from Kings. Normally I am too busy and also have guests whop aren't all that interested really.
    I must dig out my Christmas CDs.

  5. Unlike your good self, I've had a very lazy day. We need those every so often, Joy, but unfortunately (or fortunately!) I'm having rather a lot of them! We woke up earlier than usual (quarter to nine, it was almost ten yesterday, as we'd both had a bad night - again!) and eventually we drove to Waitrose for a few things and our free Saturday paper. We had their free coffee, too, and I bought a sandwich which we share, and we drove to our usual place with it's glimpse of the sea, and had those. Once at home, we sat and read the paper, more coffee, and doing very little for the rest of the day. The paper - as it was last week - is filled with Christmas nonsense. The "countdown" begins, as it says today, with jobs to do in the food line each week. Have we come nowhere since women were tied to the sink? I mean, who is going to make gravy, which takes minutes rather than hours, two weeks before Christmas and freezes it? Madness! Have we nothing better to do? I love Christmas Day with the family, but all this big build up is really advertising by the back door, getting us to spend, spend, spend. Let's not forget that. I love Christmas with the family, but all this hype actually depresses me. A neighbour has a tree up, decorated and with flashing lights, already. Bah humbug!

  6. I love a lazy day but I'm sorry yours was for reasons not so great.

    I'm afraid I am one of who likes to plan and make ahead. It's all part of the fun for me and on Christmas morning I like to be able to spend time with my family, knowing that everything is done and dusted as much as possible. And that does include making the gravy in advance.


  7. My husband retrieved our Christmas decoration boxes from the loft on Friday so I am going to look for my Christmas carol CDs. I love a good Advent carol and Classic FM started with carols yesterday too. We went to Great Malvern Priory for a performance of Messiah last night so my Christmas has really started. I have sorted out a problem with commenting which I have been having difficulty with recently. Just unchecked a privacy settings box and I can now comment to my hearts content.
    It looks like you will be very organised for Christmas. If you feel like tidying a few more cupboards I have a few that could do with it!

  8. A few years ago I used the "White Rabbits" saying in front of a group of 19/20 year old students and not one of them had any idea of what I was talking about. Truly, not one!