Monday 17 December 2018


Good morning.  Weather stuff . . .

It stayed fine yesterday and increasingly mild, which was nice.  In the afternoon I put on my walking shoes and took a very pleasant walk down the lane, round the corner, down another road . . . And on until I ended up at Bickerdikes.

The car park was teeming (so glad I walked) and I wondered why until I saw a couple of uniformed gents bearing brass instruments.  Yes, the Sally Army was in town - or in Bickers anyway.

I meandered round, popped some hamper type stuff in my basket and then they started playing.  They weren't 'amazing' in quality but it felt just right and very Christmassy indeed.  One lady was handing out carol books and people were joining in and making requests while the folk from the coffee shop were handing out mince pies and what looked like hot mulled something.  You will be impressed to hear that I declined both in the interests of hitting my Christmas target on Thursday.  What a sacrifice!

Then it was back home to finish off Mum and Dad's ironing and get dinner on the way.

A nice day.

Today is going to be busy.  Home early, coffee and cakes at school at ten thirty, then helping out in FS in the afternoon followed by a bit of tuition.  I guess I will sleep well this evening.

Have a lovely day.

Today's Advent offering to reflect yesterday's festive surprise at Bickerdikes.  Brass bands aren't my favourite, but I have to say they can sound lovely.


  1. Morning Joy, you HAVE got a busy day! The garden centre trip sounds lovely, and well done on resisting temptation (not sure I would have....who am I kidding, I wouldn't have!).

  2. Have a nice day Joy the weather here is cold but clear

  3. Getting through it, Sooze. It's all going well, thank goodness.

    It's lovely and sunny here, Diane. A shame it shows how filthy the outside of my windows are! :-)


  4. I think it all depends on the arrangement with brass bands. The Salvation Army has it's own particular 'sound' and are instantly recognisable, but I don't always like the arrangement they use.

  5. Love Brass Band music, used to go to see bands like the Grimethorpe Band in Ipswich. Salvation Army are OK but not quite the same as the big brass bands.
    Hope your day goes well

  6. I'm like Sue in Suffolk, I love Brass Bands.
    Braised Off is a film I watch quite frequently because it reminds me how hard life can be and also because of the wonderful band music.
    You sound as though you brought great pleasure to your parents and managed some space, exercise and enjoyment for yourself.
    Have a good week.

  7. I'm obviously out of step on this one! I don't NOT like them, they're just not a favourite.

  8. How do you feel about pipes and drums? They give me goosebumps, especially when played outdoors.

  9. A brass band does sound Christmassy and the Sally Army do good work.
    Hope you got everything done on your list. x

  10. Again, not a favourite, Chris, but in context they can be very exciting.

    I did, thanks, Viv. Getting there.