Saturday 29 December 2018


Morning, everyone. 
I don't usually have whingy posts but the next paragraph is an exception - please scroll past if you want.  :-)

Ouch, ache, mutter, snuffle, more ouch!  Yup, I've got a few side effects of the jabs I had yesterday.  Sore arm, a slight temperatuve, aches and pains generally and a bit miserable.  Thank goodness for paracetamol!

OK, whinge over.

Yesterday went well, despite an increasingly yukky feeling as the day progressed.  I got all the ironing done and put away, the kitchen cleared, had a snooze, went off to my friend's and had a really nice meal.  She had done the Jamie Oliver turkey and leek pie with a sort of noodly thing, all very, very delicious indeed.  I enjoyed it and our chat very much indeed.

I've woken stupidly early this morning, unfortunately, but will go back to bed once the paracetamol takes hold and maybe I will sleep in a little bit.  That would be great.  I'm taking a day out, having a nice, easy, restful day so there's very little on the planning list.

Emily is finished - here she is.  I've now started a knitted teddy bear which is more complex in shaping but with no extra bits like hats, flowers, etc.  I just have to decide whether I want him (or her) standing or sitting as the joints are fixed.

I shall be off to bed soon - the aches are easing again.  Have a good day.  xx


  1. Morning Joy - you knit so beautifully! Hope you managed to get back to sleep - I actually managed to stay in bed last night. I had a sore arm from my flu jab this year, but didn't have any other effects, so perhaps it's the pneumo one that's making you feel unwell. A restful day sounds the perfect thing to have, under the circumstances.

  2. Sorry to hear that you have had a bad reaction to the flu jabs but hopefully it will pass quickly. You have every right to have a moan. It's a good idea to take the day off and just pamper yourself and keep taking the paracetamol, stay warm and drink plenty.

  3. Emily looks delightful; one can almost imagine a twinkle in her eye.
    Whoever receives her will be thrilled.
    I hope that by the time you read this you have had a longer sleep and are feeling
    considerably better.

  4. Sorry to her you have had a reaction to your jabs and paracetamol sounds like a good plan. Beautiful knitting and construction, Joy. Keep warm and indoors, and be lzy for once.

  5. Emily is beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Sorry you're not well, flue jabs never affect me but the pneumonia one did so it could well be that you are reacting to.

    Emily is such a lovely, friendly looking doll, love her hair too, much better than trying to weave in loose threads.

    Take it easy and hope you feel better soon. xx

  7. Thanks, everyone, for such lovely comments. I caught up on my sleep (half past ten is the middle of the day for me!) and am staying on the paracetamols for the rest of the day, but I feel loads better. I think one always feels worse in the middle of the night anyway.

    I think it's the pneomo jab abd the flu jab has never had any effect on me before. It's a one off so done and dusted now so that's good.

    I'm very pleased with how Emily has come out.

    I may be feeling better but I'm still going to have a nice, easy day. Bath first, get dressed and watch telly.

  8. Emily looks beautiful. I hope you're soon feeling better, following your flu jab. Take things easy and rest up for a while. X

  9. I'm quite enamored with England, and some wonderful British blogs - including yours. I often need google though, to translate to American English! I'd never heard of paracetamol. We call it acetaminophen here. Glad to see your update that you're feeling better!

  10. Really nice! Hope you feel better soon and the paracetamol works!

  11. Thank you again and I think it's lovely that some new friends are commenting now, despite the problems! Thank you so much.

    Sue, paracetamol is, I think, the generic name. It's also known as Panadol and is about six times more expensive under that name!

    Anyway, whatever it's called, it helped. :-)


  12. Get better soon, Joy. And that little knitted doll is adorable!
    Margaret P