Thursday 16 June 2016


Well, despite some cloudy moments, yesterday was a beautiful day, mainly sunny and warm with a refreshing breeze.  If summer was more like that I would be a happy lady as I'm really not fond of the very hot weather.

I got my Aldi shopping done and then set to in the garden to sort out the tiny patch at the front which now looks a whole lot better than before.  I even mowed the lawn - and really it is a little lawn now, the best it has ever been since having it returfed last year.  It may be small but I don't care.  A shame about the bare patches but with warmth and rain they should fill in.

I also pottered in the back for a short while, picking strawberries galore and dealing with weeds that dared show their faces.  The foliage and herb bed is looking really lovely at the moment, very vibrant, and the tayberry is starting to show a bit of height.  The runner beans are almost visibly growing too.

It's greener in real life than it shows here.

I've shared these out.  Half for Beth and Alex and the other half is for a friend I am going to see tomorrow morning.  There will be loads more by Friday and then Lathcoats PYO will be starting and I can pick ANY TIME I WANT!

Even the tayberry is finally gaining a little height.  I'm hoping these stems will grow long enough to tie up and start to train along the fence before the end of the growing season.  Fruit next year, maybe?
Maybe another month or am I too optimistic here?  It will be nice to have the archways all green and productive too.

In the evening I went to a governor's meeting at school (interesting) and when I got home I lost a battle with myself.  I've said I won't get a spiraliser.  I've fought the impulse, I truly have, but I have lost!  Ho hum!

Today I am seeing a friend and then, after lunch, I'm off to school for granny reading again followed by tuition.  A really pleasant day, don't you think?

And today's food is:
B:  yogurt, strawberries and granola
L:  tuna salad wrap with beetroot followed by fruit and yogurt
D:  bean burger, cabbage and roasted summer veg, followed by vanilla yogurt and maybe water melon too


  1. Your strawberries look so juicy and yumptious. I think o just invented a word there! The garden looks great - my herbs are the best ever - it must be the year of the herb!

  2. I like yumptious! :-)
    I will need to pick some more today!
    My herbs are good too, especially the oregano.
    J x

  3. I might go take a photo of my magnificent Herbery to show you! I planed two purple basil and a Greek basil today !