Wednesday 4 October 2023

Wednesday, 04-10-23

Good morning, everyone and welcome to another day of leisurely chill-out at the Elveden Center Parcs.  One day down, two to go!  Not long enough really!

After the early rain, the sun came out and more or less stayed out all day.  It's forecast to stay out pretty much for the remainder of our stay so no need to go shoe hunting!

For a lazy day yesterday, we seem to have done a fair amount.  We were all slow to get started although I woke early, as usual.  After a nice breakfast and some booking of meals out, we headed off to the village centre where we parted company.  Alex went straight to the pool while Beth and I did a bit of mooching round the shops before going to Aquatique where, after sundry trying on of swimming costumes, I came out with two new ones.  Naughty?  Yes, maybe, but all my others are now too big so I don't think a couple is too much really.  And thank goodness high leg styles are now pretty  much out of fashion!  :-)

Then we went to the pool where we met up with Alex and spent a glorious hour or so swimming and floating round the lazy river and just enjoying life.

After lunch, we chilled in the lodge.  I don't know about Alex but Beth and I might have fallen asleep for a while.  In fact, Beth didn't emerge until half past five.

I took this little video of around the outside of the lodge.  

I meant to show this on Tuesday.  When we arrived, while I re-parked the car, the family poet got to work and penned (well, chalked) this deathless verse.

(the Rabbit bit is so we know where the car is parked!  It's a very big car park!)
And this is just the mural inside the lodge (with a bit of high chair edited out).

In the evening, we walked down to Café Rouge and had a really lovely dinner, courtesy of Alex, bless him.  Once home again, we were planning to light a log and play a board game.  We did light the log and it was very nice, but I was just so tired it wasn't long before I went to bed leaving the other two to enjoy their game.

Today, I think the general plans are . . .
maybe a stroll around
Pancake House for lunch (yummy)
another stroll around to let it settle
an afternoon swim
back to the lodge for dinner and, maybe, more sauna
light a log, play a board game, generally chill

How indulgent is that eh?

We've pretty much already decided we would like to do the same thing again next year, at the same time of year.  Autumn is always such an attractive time of the year, not too hot but not too cold.  Just right, in fact.

I hope you're all having a lovely week too.   xx


  1. Thank you for the video (and the glimpse of you!), it's making me feel all nostalgic. We generally went in Autumn too, or perhaps Spring. Enjoy your lovely indulgent days. xx

    1. They are both good times to go, aren't they? It's not cheap but pick your times and be sensible with what you do and it's not terrible. xx

  2. Make the most of your indulgence - it's good to do something completely different. x x

  3. It sounds like the perfect holiday to me. My stomach is rumbling at the thought if pancakes. I'm wondering whether my student turns up today.

    1. Fingers crossed. The pancake was delicious - but all that sugar. Actually, I think I prefer my home mades. :-) xx

  4. The family suggested going sometime when the grandchildren are old enough to do lots of things.

    1. I think they would have a lovely time. It costs but it is all very good. The swimming is free and there are play areas as well as the organised stuff. And Brandon Country Park and the West Stow country park are well worth a visit. We've never had a bad holiday at Center Parcs. xx

  5. What an awesome holiday you are having. Just about the perfect get away for resting and relaxing.

    God bless.

    1. It's not really a rest but it is relaxing and I'm having a great time. xx