Wednesday 8 March 2023

Wednesday, 08-03-23

 The north wind doth blow and we have had snow . . . not a lot, just enough to be a pain underfoot.

See what I mean.  Contrary to what I said yesterday, the snow has reached us.  It started early morning, has been heavy for a short while and is now turning to sleet, I think, much to the relief of primary teachers everywhere who would have visions of Welly Parade eight times a day if it stayed around (and indoor play for those foolish enough not to have brought wellies) plus radiators laden with wet gloves, hats and scarves, not to mention hyperactive children and newspaper all over the floor to catch the drips!

On the other hand, the children will have to abandon hopes of six foot high snowmen built during fifteen minute playtimes, etc.  Bless.

Morning, everyone!  Brrrr - a chilly start to the day, right enough, and I truly didn't expect it.  However, it is very wet, the temperature is above zero and I am sure it won't lie for long.  On the paths and pavements, it is just slushy; quite slippery at the moment but not icy.

I got quite a lot done yesterday, starting with a drive to pick Alex up and then on to Trinity Church hall.  Trinity is the big Methodist church in the centre of town and, like many central churches, is very active in the community.  They have a very active operatic society that does really good local shows at the Civic Theatre and  a coffee place open at times during the week.
The hall was very well appointed with a good kitchen, an urn that was sort of plumbed in so no filling, etc, needed, and the lady who opened up was absolutely lovely and very helpful.  If I ever need a hall for anything, I would seriously consider that one, the main problem being only a small parking area.

Vincent was already there and, between the three of us, we got the place ready.  Tables, chairs, flowers and so on, plus the refreshments I had in my car - M&S sandwich platters and a selection of luscious cakes, washed down with tea or coffee.
When Beth arrived, Alex and I vanished.  She told me later that it went very well, the hall looked great (phew) and she knew the nice lady as they had done voluntary work at the food bank together in past times.  Small world.

That being done, I came home, had breakfast and decided that, as it was pretty damp, to stay home.  I braved the shed for a purpose - I knew I had bought some light fittings in the past but never got the work done so I fished out all I had and I was right, there's not much I have left to get.

Then I got busy online.  I moved deposit money across (for the garden room), fired off an email to the solar panel company Seth recommends and uses and contacted Hire a Hubby!

I think Hire a Hubby is a franchise (could be wrong there) and Ray (the 'hubby' of the title) has done work for me before - nice chap and good worker.  I want him to do the lighting work and I also want to discuss painting when the garden room is finished - the room and also the fence panels.  I also have a few other little things that need doing.   Last time I saw him, he suggested that, as there's a call out charge, I should wait until I have several things that need doing and he can then do them all together.  So that's what I have done.
There was an email back from him this morning when I looked, so that was good.

By the end of the day, that bit of inheritance that I mentioned was in my account and there was a nice, long email from John, full of chatty bits and bobs.  Lovely!

While browsing through Facebook, I saw a post about dishcloths, would you believe.  It happens - Google and Facebook 'talk' to each other and, if one searched for something on Google or mentions it in email or blog, up come related posts and adverts all over the place.  A warning not to mention anything you don't want to get out there!
Anyway - this person had used a crochet stitch called lemon peel stitch.  I looked it up and basically it is a row of one dc, one treble and then the next row is the opposite so you do a dc into the treble underneath and a treble over the dc.  The crochet version of seed stitch, if you like.
I tried it - it grows very fast and I have another dishcloth made, but it is heavy on the yarn, using pretty much a whole ball.  Not that it's a problem, given I started off with four of them, I'm just saying.

I was planning to take the bus into town this morning but, in the time it has taken to type the above, it's turned back to all snow, the flakes are bigger again and it's quite heavy so I guess I will shelve that plan for now.  Maybe later on, if it clears a bit and, if not, no problem.
Poor teachers!!

There's no personal training this afternoon as Lindsey is going to a funeral so, unusually, I have a free day.  I'm hoping that Ray can come over to discuss the work I'd like him to do but am waiting a reply from him.  If the snow clears by about eleven, I might go in but, if not, no problem.
I will finish my seed stitch dishcloth, tidy round my living room which is looking a bit superficially messy and enjoy watching the snow (assuming it continues for  while).

I'm assuming that if we have snow here, it will be fairly widespread so take care, everyone, stay warm and be safe.  It's likely to be quite nasty underfoot so go steadily!  xx


  1. Other than a brief flurry last night we haven't had any snow. I'm curled up in the spare bed as I type and the sky does look as though it could dump a load though. I need to make a move and start my day.

    1. It's stopped now and is rapidly thawing, thank goodness. xx

  2. We've had a bit of snow overnight, but it's melting now - can't say I'm very sorry!
    I like the sound of the lemon stitch, a bit different.
    Looking forward to this cold spell ending so that I can start sowing some seeds, pretty sure we've lost all our overwintered geraniums even though they've been in the greenhouse - shame, I had some beauties - hey ho.
    Alison in Wales x

    1. It's snowing quite heavily here right now (around 2:20) but none of it is settling, it's not cold enough for that It looks pretty but I am glad I am indoors.
      The lemon peel stitch is nice - quite firm and it will hold its shape well.
      Sorry about your geraniums - maybe it won't be as bad as you fear. I hope so. xx

  3. I must have missed one of your posts as I can't work out who Vincent is. I'm glad you and Alex were able to help with setting up the event though.

    We've had snow here but it's thawing already, thank goodness. I hope that's all we get and it starts to warm up from here on.

    Hire a Hubby sounds like a useful business. I must see if there is anything like that in this area. xx

    1. Sorry, Vincent is one of Beth's friends - he came over here for Boxing Day dinner.
      Ray came over around 12:50 and stayed for a good time, going over everything with me. He's going to send me a quote for everything I would like done.

  4. We had snow and sleet all day and it's thoroughly damp and unpleasant. Time to draw the curtains now and shut out what's left of the day. I think it will freeze overnight and be very treacherous tomorrow. Stay in, stay safe!

    1. It's not predicted to go below zero here but there might be localised ice. I'm staying in and staying warm for sure. xx

  5. We are getting snow here across the pond as well. Pretty darn cold out and so it is sticking.
    Glad that all went well at the hall.

    God bless.

    1. As if you hadn't already had enough too! It has to warm up soon!
      No more snow here; we are predicted to have pretty heavy rain - good for the garden!