Thursday 23 March 2023

Thursday, 23-03-23

 Good morning, one and all.  It looks quite promising outside this morning.  The ground is dry and the clouds are high.  Unfortunately, the BBC isn't so positive but not to worry - what will be, will be and the one certainly is that we can do nothing about it!

I enjoyed myself very much yesterday morning.
I didn't find a clock - there were hardly any timepieces at all in Homesense, but I did find a plastic box just right for my peelings, etc.  Until no, I have used a colander to put peelings in before they go onto the compost heap but sometimes I need it for it's right purpose.  Now I have this box with a clip on lid which is just right.
(Just to say, I do empty the box into the compost at the end of the day - it doesn't sit there for days!)

I also got a pretty little bunch of 'silk' flowers, very spring like and sheer indulgence.

I did fall rather hard in Matalan though - but not in a 'not needed' way.  They had some very nice jackets and I 'need' (could do with . . .) another jacket.  I have a few that were Mum's but they are rather square cut, old fashioned and one is a bit too big for me.

I got these photos off the Matalan site and, seeing as I have bought them, I don't feel too bad about it.

The black one is open with no buttons, they're both lined and both machine washable (I always check!) and look a bit longer on me than on the much taller models, which is just what I wanted.

They both have just a bit of shaping and make me look really nice and slim - three cheers!

The black one was a no brainer but I dithered for ages over the blue one.  I do wear a lot of blue, however, and it is light and summery so I think it will be very useful.

So much for 'no more clothes' - but it could have been a lot worse and, while on the cheaper end of jackets, treated carefully, they should do me for quite a while.

Personal training was, as ever, really good.  Arm strength is definitely improving, as is stamina - I can do my time on the exercise bike without getting terribly puffed out and recovery is faster afterwards.

Today is cut in half by a meal out with Chris to celebrate both our birthdays.  When I say 'a meal out', it's nothing posh, just lunch at a local garden centre and a wander around the plants.  Also, if Chris has no objections, I will pop into B&Q for a new smoke alarm (I'm not convinced the old one is actually working 100% and they're not that costly) and a few things that I need for when Ray comes to do the various jobs, whenever that will be.

There's also the online SET class first thing so it's all going to be good and I can slot in all the other stuff as and when (or defer them for another day).  Definitely an 'enjoy retirement' day today!

Hoping you all have a good day too with lots of things you really enjoy.  xx


  1. Your jackets look really nice. The blue is a lovely shade.

    1. Summery, isn't it? I really do like it. Annoyingly, I have discovered that they security tag is still on (why it didn't trigger security, I have no idea) so I have to take it back. Thank goodness I didn't dispose of the receipt. xx

  2. A meal out at a garden centre is my favourite sort of meal out. Forget fancy pants restaurants, give me fish and chips, a coffee and then a mooch around the gardening stuff any day.

    Talking of jackets I was going to be wearing my smart black jacket and a dress for the funeral today, but the weather is atrocious here, so it will have to be my dark blue jacket with a hood and my smart black trousers if am to avoid double pneumonia.

    1. Me too, especially in the company of a good friend,
      Thinking of you at the funeral. xx

  3. I like your new jackets, especially the black one. I hope you enjoy your birthday celebration with Chris. Will you be buying any plants? I find it difficult to resist a new plant when I go to a garden centre café ... that's my excuse anyway! xx

    1. I wore the black one today and felt very smart indeed. :-) There were plants, lovely plants and I am going back next week to get some. Mostly bedding plants like pansies and primulas and they will have some pots of bulbs that have gone over quite cheap so I may get some of them too.