Thursday 9 March 2023

Thursday, 09-03-23

 Morning, one and all.  What a miserable day it was yesterday.  snow, sleet, rain, sleet, more quite heavy snow that just melted on landing, sleet, rain.  Yuck and double yuck.  Today, they say we will have rain, rain and more rain.  Not nice.  What's it been like your way?

I ended up not going into town yesterday.  The snow stopped before nine, temporarily, but it was still jolly chilly and very damp and Ray (Hire a Hubby) asked was I going to be through the day as he might finish the job he's on fairly early.  I want to get something organised in that way so I decided to stay in anyway.  I'm glad I did - it may not have been dangerous snow but it was cold and horrible!
Ray turned up at ten to one (letting me know first) and I'm now waiting for a quote.  We went through what I wanted doing and also some other projects that are coming up, before he looked at what I had already got together in the way of light fittings.  Fortunately, he thinks that everything I have got is suitable so phew.  I only have a few bits and pieces to use.

It's been one of those weeks.  I didn't hear back from Maxine regarding the garden room queries so I hope I do today.  I did hear back from the solar panel company though and it looks good.  Expensive, yes, and I have to add VAT on to that, I think (must check that) but actually not quite as bad as I thought it might be and I do have the money tucked away in my medium term savings so that's good.

I finished another dish cloth < grin > and now have just one more ball of yarn to use up.  I was a bit bored of dish cloths (as you probably are reading about them) so I've started crocheting some more squares with the four ply.  After sorting it all out, I have far more than I thought, and it was bad enough to start with, so plenty of colours to choose from.  Nice.

Today is what Lindsey calls a 'double whammy'.  I have the usual online SET class this morning and then I have the deferred personal training session later on.  I should sleep well tonight, don't you think?
In between those things, it is the usual, daily stuff.  No need to even think about going food shopping yet, though, which I'm pleased about.  As the storage jars I ordered arrived yesterday, I can put them to good use today and find some space for them.
A fairly busy day, but a very nice one too.  xx


  1. It's damp and dreary here again today but we shall have to take the dogs out and will feel better for it, no doubt, as will they. They don't have many days off and we have a garden they can charge around it. It doesn't do the garden much good, though!

    1. I guess it isn't, but great for the dogs
      Enjoy the walk. xx

  2. It sounds as if we in the East are missing the really heavy snowfall today and will just have rain. That's good as it's library van day.
    Have a nice busy day

    1. Thank goodness for that - no complaints from either of us.
      Enjoy your visit to the van. xx

  3. The snow has gone and we have rain today ... lots of it! I'm tucked up in the warm and just ignoring the outdoors and will be watching some Harry Potter films later on.

    Hope you enjoy your day xx

    1. Very sensible of you. If I didn't have personal training coming up, I'd be copying you. Outside can take care of itself. xx