Friday, 9 September 2022


 So many words have been spoken about Queen Elizabeth and I won't even attempt to emulate them.  I just want to say that, for me, she had the most beautiful, radiant smile that lit up her whole face and shone out to everyone.  I will miss that very much.

In the words of dear old Paddington Bear:

'. . .  and thank you - for everything'

RIP, Ma'am.

(Link to the full sketch on YouTube for anyone interested.  )


  1. yes, says it all, I love that sketch, perfect timing!

  2. Love this too…also her smile seen around the world

  3. ... my condolences ... yes, thanks to the queen.
    Sadness in heart.

  4. Her smile was everything as were the little glimpses we got of her sense of humour. She will be missed xx

  5. She had a beautiful smile and it shone through her eyes. Quite the sense of humour I hear as well.

    God bless.