Friday, 16 September 2022


 Good morning, all.  It was a cold night - when I got up I was surprised to feel hot radiators, darn it.  Must put the thermostat down a bit.  It's lovely and sunny now though so fingers crossed for a pleasant Autumn day.

The holiday gets ever closer and I've just received an email telling me where I can find the key safe code for next week.  Must start thinking of getting my clothes organised.  I can't use the blue room to lay everything out, or course, as Suzanne will be there next Thursday night.  Not to worry - it just means I have to tidy the dressing table thingy in my room - long overdue!

As always, the chat with Chris was lovely.  She is getting excited about the impending arrival of her first grandchild now, of course.  It could be any time really.
On the same not, I'm on the last section of the blanket, the Tunisian crochet section, which is going like a dream now I know what to do.  Then it's just the border (which will take some time, for sure) before it is all finished.
I'll post a photo when it's done.

I got a text regarding my next Covid jab.  I'm not sure if I'll get it done before holiday or wait until afterwards - I'll go online and see what's available, where and when.

Today starts with Slimming World and then I need to get the house cleaner-friendly.  Later on I think I might be popping out to Sainsbury' as there's a few things I need to get that I know they have.
Also, there's some more washing and I would really like to get the blue room sorted and the quilts changed over.  Then I can cross that off my list of Things To Do.

So that's today - but first I must get myself upstairs, bathed and dressed, ready to set out to Slimming World and enjoying the sunshine as I do.
Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx


  1. I changed our quilt to 4.5 tog last weekend but suspect it won’t be long until it needs to be changed to 7.5tog. I am of walking in a wooded area today and hope to take some photos this time-there was stunning fungi last time. It’s exciting to be prepping for a holiday especially in term time-the thrill never leaves you that you are bunking off! Catriona

    1. Never was truer word spoken. It's a glorious feeling! Enjoy your fungi hunt! xx

  2. I’m waiting on my next Covid booster too. Hope you have a good day.