Wednesday 21 September 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's half past six and only just starting to get light; I've stuck my nose out and it's dry and a bit chilly, the sky looks reasonably clear so fingers crossed for a nice yay.  Yesterday was ok, starting off sunny but clouding over after a time and ending up dull.

Well, the blanket is finished and I'm very happy with it.  I don't think it even needs a slight pressing, not really, but I might just do the corners.  

The sides are straight, honest!  It's just that I draped it over the sofa and cushions so it looks wonky on an uneven background.

There is yarn left but not enough to make another one, so I am just using it up crocheting granny squares to work together when I have enough.  And I am sewing in the ends as I go!

Another thing I'm really pleased about is kitchen based.   A short while ago, I battled with my conscience and bought a small Dolce Gusto gadget that I found on special somewhere.  No, I didn't need it and yes, I knew it used single use plastic pods which is a very Not Good Thing but it does make lovely coffee.
Anyway, after anguishing over all the plastic I was chucking out (I'm not proud of it), I looked through Amazon and bought a reusable pod.

Here it is.  It wasn't the cheapest thing in the world but I argued that the pods are not cheap either and anyway - plastic!

It's metal with a silicon lid and feels pretty tough and hard wearing.

  And here it is in the pod holder thingy.  The only thing is that you have to be careful to have the hold dead middle and front so the water thingy goes in properly.

Now I can use my own coffee grounds and it really is dead easy.  Easy to empty too.
Occasionally, it gets jammed but the lid is bendy so it's easily freed and I've learned how to put the lid on so it doesn't jam.

The bad thing it that I am drinking too much coffee now!!

Today is Personal Training Day which I will not miss!
How silly I felt yesterday, owning up to sleeping through the start of Groove.  Lindsey has very kindly sent me a recorded session, bless her.

Apart from that, it's two days to go until holiday so I have plenty to be getting on with.  I want to sort out the fridge today and see what I want to take with me.  Normally there would be no problems but going with someone else means I need to take her preferences into account as well as my own so it's all a bit tentative until Suzanne arrives tomorrow afternoon.
I can get all my clothes ready and start packing my case though.

Have a really good day, everyone, and take care.  xx


  1. The blanket looks fabulous !
    Looks like you've found the ideal solution for your coffee maker. I still use instant as drink very little tea and coffee these days. Hope personal training goes well today - Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks, Jane. I hardly ever drink tea but I do probably drink too much coffee really. xx

  2. That's brilliant, I love it!

    I'm glad the reusable pod gizmo is working for you.

    I hope you enjoy your personal training today ... don't fall asleep and miss this one, will you! xx

    1. Thanks, Eileen. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out - I hope they like it. xx

  3. Oh wow, that blanket is beautiful Joy you clever lady.

    1. Thanks, Cherie. From a crafter of your calibre, that's lovely. xx

  4. Gorgeous blanket, you finished that very quickly!
    That's a very clever gadget and I think overtime will save you money
    Alison in Wales x

    1. Thanks, Alison. I did work hard on it, knowing the babe could arrive at any time. xx

  5. That blanket is a work of art!!

    I love your little gadget, now you can drink far too much coffee, far too much of the time ... but with a lovely clear conscience. ;-)

  6. Gorgeous…artistic…fabulous…

  7. Wow the blanket is gorgeous. I love the colours. It is so bright and cheerful.