Sunday 26 May 2019


Good morning, everyone.  Didn't yesterday turn out beautifully after a rather dull start?  It was warm and sunny without being in the least bit humid.

It turned out to be quite a busy day!
I got to the gym at eight and was in the pool by about 8:05.  It wasn't too busy, which was nice, and I enjoyed the swim very much.  After drying and dressing, seeing as I was half way there anyway, I went on to B&Q where I found the curtain runner thingies and some stick on numbers for my recycling bin and food recycling thing (to prevent them from wandering off and getting lost) before going out into the garden area where I was tempted but stood firm . . . until I say some healthy looking cucumber seedlings.  Even then, I'd have resisted but one pot had two seedlings, not one so, of course, I had to have that!  I have just enough pots to plant them out, plus the tomato plants I ordered last week.  I'll have to do a bit of moving stuff about as they need to be in a sunny spot but I can do that this morning.

In other garden news . . .

I was right, it did open and another one decided to imitate.  It's lovely and really brightens up what is a pretty gloomy corner really.

The Tayberry That Refused to Die has started showing off too.  It has a number of buds at the moment so I'm wondering how much fruit I will get.  I got a few tayberries last year and this year looks more encouraging.  Given that it was a hairsbreadth from being chucked, I'm happy with anything.

And one of the tomatoes has started budding.  Yay!

Enough of that!
When I got home, I decided to stop off at Morrisons with the car as I wanted to treat myself to some sparkling water (just the Savers kind) and they are heavy to carry. 
When I got home, after sorting things out and putting things away, I had a very late breakfast and then sat down for a relax.

Then Beth turned up.  She's had a last minute offer of a table at a craft fair in Colchester to raise money for SANDS, would I like to go with her.  Obviously, the answer was yes (thank goodness for sat navs) so it was all go most of the afternoon.  I grabbed some fruit while she threw things together in a box and suitcase and off we set.  Sadly, it didn't seem to have been advertised all that much and there were hardly any customers though, but Beth did some 'networking' and is going to be recommended for a much bigger fair that is usually pretty packed and anyway it was a nice afternoon out, so no complaints.

By the time I got home I was pretty shattered as well as hungry but the evening was peaceful and I had an early night.

Today I feel quite weary so I'm going to stay in, potter around, do some gentle decluttering and sort out the front patch which is what I had planned to do yesterday afternoon.  Maybe there will be time to sit out in the sun, assuming we get some.  Fingers crossed!
I hope your day is good too.


  1. Beautiful photographs - cucumbers sound great, good idea to get those.
    Sounds like you had a fun afternoon with Beth - shame that the event was not better attended, but I am sure the next one will be.
    Wise to potter around and take it easy - hope you are having a lovely afternoon.
    S. xxx

    1. I keep falling a sleep today so maybe it's just as well I'm staying in. And it's started raining! :-)

  2. Beautiful photos! Our vegetable garden will probably go in the ground next weekend. We bought some tomato seedlings and will plant cucumbers, peppers and squash from seed. Our cucumbers usually do very well so I'm looking forward to that! Our church has an annual plant sale to benefit the local food pantry on June 9th with all kinds of perennials and fruits for as much as you can donate. I'm sure some plants will be coming home with me! Wish I was a better gardener, but at least half of what I planted last year did come back this year, so I'm only half-bad!

    1. It all sounds pretty good to me and your garden will look really lovely. And I am sure you're a good gardener!