Thursday 16 May 2019


Good morning, everyone.  More sunshine this morning and BBC weather says it will stay nice for some days to come.   I'm going to need to water my pots and containers, I think.

The bathroom is starting to look like a bathroom again now.  The next job is tiling and the tiler has been held up somewhere and can't come today so I have a day off!  That means it won't be finished until Tuesday now but never mind, what's one more day between friends.

The gardener came and worked.  To be honest, he's not really a proper gardener but he did the necessary so no complaints.  It now looks a lot nicer again.

I was a bit surprised and, if I'm honest, disappointed at Group.  Maintaining is OK but I need to lose, not maintain.  I've followed the plan fairly carefully this week, hence the surprise.  Ah well, on we go!

Today I think I will start with a swim before going on to a garden centre to see what tomato plants they have in.  Later on it is tuition and then pottery this evening, so quite a full and pleasant day.
Here's to a good one for us all.  xx


  1. Maintaining is better than gaining!

    Have a lovely day

    1. Very true! :-)
      And you too, thanks.

  2. Well done on maintaining- frustrating though, but at least it wasn’t a gain.

    How are you enjoying your new pottery group? I’ve lost touch with what you’re making - is it the leaf coasters?

    Your bathroom seems to have come together really quickly. Will we get photos of the room when it’s finished, please?

    1. It's going well, thanks. I didn't go last week because of the cold - coughing and spluttering over everyone would not have endeared me, I reckon.
      I'm still working on the leaf coasters - hopefully I can glaze three of therm (assuming the new glaze has arrived) and I want to make the last one - must find a leaf lemplate.
      Staying with the leaf theme, I want to make a bowl from leaf shapes too.
      Matt is a very good organiser and has project managed the whole thing for me. It's been a thing in myt mind for ages so by the time I spoke to Matt, I pretty well knew what I wanted and we got it all sorted before Christmas but I didn't want it done then.
      It's a tricky room to photo because it really is titchy but I'll do another post with what it's like at the moment.

  3. I agree maintaining is better than putting weight on.