Thursday, 8 May 2014


Good morning, all.  This morning it isn't actually raining which makes a change from the last few days.  It's really been April Shower weather recently which, as the weather is all topsy turvey anyway, doesn't really surprise me at all.  I just wish it would warm up a bit!

Here's yesterday's delights:

Porridge and yoghurt as usual but with pineapple instead of jam.  I love pineapple on my porridge!  Then it was beans on toast.  Dinner was bean and vegetable pie with roasted parsnips and it was absolutely delicious.  I do seem to have eaten quite a lot of beans but, luckily, haven't suffered any of the < cough > side effects!  Yet.

It's the last day  of LBTL today and my last chance to beg, urge, encourage, etc, you to support ActionAid by sponsoring me via this page.  Please do; it's a great cause.

Thursday today so it is playground duty day.  As the weather is so unpredictable I think I will wear tights and my 'proper' shoes rather than sandals.  I bet it will be glorious sunshine but better that than cold and damp feet all day!

And now I had better go and get on with things.  Have a great day whatever you are doing.

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