Saturday, 17 May 2014


Oh, dear!  It is always the way - the days I can sleep for longer are the days I wake the earliest.  Teacher's Law, it's called!  Still, I am starting to yawn again now and am thankful that I can go back up and snooze a bit longer.  As long as I am up and ready when George comes round . . .

Yesterday really was great.  I got loads of stuff done and ticked off my long list.  The meeting was great, no big issues, everything going well.  I got the two lots of paperwork done plus a fair bit more too.  Dates for meetings in the next couple of months got sorted out.  Folders were started off containing paperwork for those meetings.  I may have been very weary by the end of the day but I was very satisfied too.

One sad thing though - we had to say goodbye to our student.  It's been an absolute pleasure having him on the team for the last four weeks and I know we will miss him.  All the very best, Tom, and enjoy your life as a teacher!

I took a few more photos last night as the few irises have flowered and are looking rather lovely.  I'd love to be able to draw or paint them.

Aquilegia - I think they are so beautiful.
I might get a few tayberries this year - there are flowers.  Not many, just a few, but it's a start.
And now I'm off back upstairs in the hope that I will get back to sleep.

Edited later:
And I did!


  1. I too am going to try for a bit more sleep!!!

  2. I've just read about your early start on your blog. Snap! I managed to get a good sleep and I hope you have done too.
    J x

  3. I'm just the same - I think it's Workers' Law - roll on retirement! :0)


  4. :-) I actually rather love being able to go back and have a bit more sleep. It's part of my Saturday fun!
    J x