Sunday, 25 May 2014


Yup - the day in which I normally think ahead to Monday, work, planning, resources, etc.  Smiling happily as I type!

Yesterday really was a dull and dismal day a lot of the time although, to be fair, there were some lovely, sunny intervals too.  No need to water the pots yesterday!  However, I MUST start feeding the tomatoes as a couple of other plants are also now showing babies too.  On the flip side, the second sowing of dwarf beans is not yet making an appearance and I'm starting to wonder if the whole packet is dud.

In between raindrops I did some clearing, weeding, sowing and so on and treated myself to a kebab for dinner.  That's it now - no more takeaways for ages and ages.  They're ridiculously expensive!

Today?  Well, in a short time I intend to spend a couple of hours on those reports before getting dressed and then a bit longer after getting dressed.  Beth's coming round and Alex will arrive for lunch.  Then it is more report work after they have gone.  See - I live in such exciting times!!

Also I need to pot on some tomato seedlings.  I seem to be going a bit over the top with tomatoes this year but they are so delicious and after all I am growing for three, not just me!  This lot are gifts or grown from freebie seed so it's not that bad really.

The sun is shining, the back door is open and the house is airing.  And no school tomorrow.  Ain't life grand!

The lupin is lovely this year, the best it's ever been.  If I had more space I'd grow more, they are gorgeous flowers.

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