Saturday, 10 May 2014


Looking out into the rapidly lightening day, it looks as if last night was a blustery one.  Raindrops on the windows and the trees and bushes are tossing their heads!

I slept well after the first alcohol for over a week but the slightly muggy head this morning makes me wonder if it's worth it.  This could be down to the rather over large dinner I had last night too.  I did finish off the beany mixture but added to it some cooking bacon, some mushrooms, some yellow pepper and some chicken, all favourites that I haven't been able to have on LBTL.  I then added some heat and eat noodles (half price in Morrison's) and scoffed the lot.  It was so delicious with the added veg and meat without any added seasoning whatsoever.

I got loads of work done yesterday.  It was one of those days where the words just flowed.  It was my SEN day and, with lots of paperwork on the list, I was thankful to get so much done.  After a very wet start it brightened up considerably which was good.  The sun shone and the children were happy.  It was very windy though, which always affects them.  Hopefully it will all calm down by Monday.

Today is a busy day.  Family round and a birthday meal to sort out.  The Birthday Boy has decided he wants a take away Chinese, which I love him for.  So much easier for me!  The house isn't too messy, thank goodness, and Lenka was here yesterday so everything is clean.

I do have bread to make though so, kitchen, here I come!


  1. Chinese take away sounds just the job and as you say so much easier for you!!!!

  2. So much easier. It's a huge relief. Everyone likes it too!
    J x