Sunday, 18 May 2014


Yesterday started off a bit gloomy and cool but soon warmed up and the afternoon was hot; hot enough to get the fan out and turn it on after a session of gardening!   The skies weren't particularly blue and it looks as if today will be similar.

I set to and did what I ought to have done last weekend but was too lazy to get round to (what terrible sentence construction!) and that is to get the tomatoes into their big pots and the runner beans into the raised beds where they will grow up the archways as they did last year.  I' ve had the archways (very cheap and not all that lovely) going from bed to bed for a few years now and last year I grew runners up them for the first time.  It was most successful so, after feeding the soil, I'm doing the same this year.

Very sadly, the dwarf beans that I planted in paper pots several weeks ago, have not germinated.,  Not one of them.  I have no idea why not but there you go.  I will sow some more but into their final growing place as the soil is warmer now and they should be OK.  Fingers crossed.

The tomatoes and the chilli are safely ensconced in the growhouse in the hopes that I can shut it off when blight warnings come around.  There's room for more which is good because I have some seedlings coming on and a couple of sweet peppers to plant on if I can find big pots.  If I can't, I will have to buy a couple which I don't really want to do - they are expensive.

I was going to plant the cucumbers in the veg bed and have them growing up a sort of wigwam, but as I have wires along the fence and nothing to train up one side until next year, I will train the cucumbers along the fence, one one way and the other starting at the other side and growing along a lower (or higher) wire which should work very well.  I have two plants.  One is a gherkin type so small (but nice to eat unpickled) and the other is a burpless that Dad has given me.

And I MUST sow some carrots today.  Must, must, must!

If all these plans come to eventual fruition, I shall be a very happy person indeed, not to mention well fed!

And talking of well fed, I'm trying out a butterbean patty recipe for lunch today only I will make the mixture into balls instead of patties and bake them in the oven.  I'm going to use some of my  passata, carefully stored from last Autumn, to make a nice tomato/veg sauce to have with them over pasta.  The omnivore teenager will have some chicken with his sauce!

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