Monday, 19 May 2014


What a gorgeous weekend, weather wise, it has been.  Warm, sunny and bright.  I would prefer it to stay just like that, no warmer, thank you, but I bet that it will all get roasting hot until a storm brings relief.
We will see.

As I mentioned, I was very busy yesterday morning, perhaps too busy, as later on my tum went on me a bit.  It was a nuisance, because I'd been hoping to pop next door for a while but I decided it would be best not to.  I feel fine now and I know I hadn't eaten anything dodgy (it wasn't that kind of - er - blip) so just one of those things.  Or maybe it was the cider, but I don't see why . . . it doesn't usually.

I got round to replanting the dwarf beans and they'd better do something or I shall be taking the packet back to the shop to whinge.  It's a bit of a coincidence that none of the last lot germinated isn't it?

Back to school for yet another four day week.  Friday is report writing day, always very much appreciated (I mean to have that day for them, not writing the reports themselves).  And I have my class back.  They are mine again.  So looking forward to today!  Apart from the class photos, that is.  I intensely dislike having my photo taken and avoid it whenever possible but at times like this it is unavoidable.  Ho hum!


  1. Hope you feel better. Tummy upsets are common for teachers cos of stress. You don't have to feel worried for it to happen. Jx

  2. Joan you took the words right out of my mouth there is nothing like stress to cause tummy troubles.

  3. Perhaps it was, although I'm really not all that stressed right now. I was last week though so maybe it's an after effect. All is fine today.
    J x

  4. Hello Diane, glad you agree. Teaching is always stressful no matter how good someone thinks they are feeling. Stress is there all day, every day whether in school or not. As the end of year approaches everyone is feeling the cumulative stresses built up over the months. IBS often goes unrecognised. Jx