Saturday 17 May 2014

Economy Gastronomy

I treated myself to a cookery book I have wanted for a long time, ever since the TV series of the same name.  I loved the series and can't understand why there hasn't been a second series, but I didn't buy the book although I considered it several times.

But two weeks ago I took a deep breath and clicked the relevant buttons on Amazon . . . and last week it arrived.  I think I have found my next favourite cookery book that will take its place alongside Delia's books, Jack Monroe's book and the one book by Nigel Slater that I have.  It's full of wise, sensible advice, rather delicious looking (and achievable) recipes and helpful information.  There's one bit I particularly love, in the section about waste and the issue of offness, written by Allegra McEvedy which says:

'Just to clear it up, there are two dates you will see on products: the Sell By and the Use By.  Sell by is when it must leave the shop.  Use By is when it should leave your life.  For legal reasons I can't say much here, but in my experience the Use By date has a bit of built in flexibility.'

Such wise words at a time when there is an obscene amount of waste because of these perishing (no pun intended) dates!

Go on, treat yourself!
Borrowed from Google Images

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