Wednesday 28 May 2014


Yesterday was, if anything, lazier than Monday.  I still felt very sleepy and kept nodding off so I cancelled my plans for working in school and went with the flow.  As a results, although I didn't sleep all that well through the night, now I feel a whole bundle better and ready to start work again.

Apart from that, there's not a lot to say about yesterday.  It was dull, dismal and wet and today seems to be more of the same.  Where's this heatwave we were promised, I want to know!  The poor plants are looking cold and bewildered but at least they are getting enough water!

It's been nearly a fortnight since I planted the second lot of dwarf beans and there's still no sign of germination: maybe it has just been too cold, but if they're not growing they must be rotting so I will plant some more from a different packet and hope it's third time lucky here.  If not, I give up!

I'm expecting Sharon, my hairdresser, at nine so I've been bustling around to repair the damage done by being at home.  It looks a bit neater now, thank goodness.

After that it really has to be into school as I don't think I will get another opportunity.  Then it's home again for more report writing!  No peace for the wicked.

I hope that, wherever you are, this wet weather hasn't spoilt things too much for you and that you hare enjoying life.

A cheering picture from this time two years ago.  This year it hasn't even started flowering yet.  Maybe I need to repot it.


  1. So glad to hear about the naps you took yesterday - very useful indeed and you must have needed them. The rest will do you the power of good, I am sure.
    For my part, I am incredibly relieved that we haven't yet had the heatwave. We had one day of high humidity and 33°C and that was more than enough. ;o) The rain we have had here has done wonders, it's lush and green with absolutely beautiful flowers everywhere. Isn't spring wonderful?
    Have a lovely day. :o) S.xxxx

  2. I remember how much you hate the hot weather so am glad it's not been too bad for you. I think you're right, the rest did do me good and I feel a lot better now.
    J x